Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boycott Apple.

I've been an Apple fan since before I could dream of buying an Apple computer. Their hardware and software design is phenomenal.

In the past 5 years, I've bought 3 computers and 3 iPods from them, multiple copies of iWork and iLife, and songs from the iTunes store.

I've been very satisfied with all the Apple products I've bought.

But the nonsense with the App Store rejections has gone too far.

But Ninjawords for iPhone suffers one humiliating flaw: it omits all the words deemed “objectionable” by Apple’s App Store reviewers, despite the fact that Ninjawords carries a 17+ rating.

Apple censored an English dictionary.

A dictionary. A reference book. For words contained in all reasonable dictionaries. For words contained in dictionaries that are used every day in elementary school libraries and classrooms.

Let's stop buying all Apple products until they stop this. I have.

Aug. 6 UPDATE: Phill Schiller (senior vice president at Apple) responds to the story.
While we may not always be perfect in our execution of that goal, our efforts are always made with the best intentions, and if we err we intend to learn and quickly improve.

Aug. 6 UPDATE: Pogue's coverage of the AT&T/Apple/Google Voice debacle.

I'm going to wait and keep a watch on if this translates into a better App review process.

Aug 21 UPDATE: So it turns out Apple didn't actually reject the Google Voice app. Hmmm... Perhaps I should buy Snow Leopard after all? :D

Aug 29 UPDATE: Uh Oh...
the most recent version of ConvertBot (1.4) had been rejected by Apple. What was Apple's reason for the rejection? [The] ConvertBot icon for time conversions looks very similar to the Phone app icon for recent calls. This is the same icon that has passed Apple's scrutiny in previous versions
how can we make Time different? What if it’s set at 9 o’clock instead of 3? Is that acceptable? The big problem here is the only way I can get that answer is by making the change, resubmitting the app, and waiting another week or 2 for Apple’s verdict.

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